Calling all experts, coaches, consultants, influencers & audience owners…


If You Are NOT Making 6-Figures+ Per Year From Your ‘Knowledge & Expertise’ You Are NOT Being Paid What You Are Worth!


Dear friend,


I’m Matt Webley.


I was a broke kid growing up in a rough neighborhood in the UK.


We had very little money and very few positive influences.


Kids I knew would steal cars or set houses on fire… BECAUSE THEY WERE BORED.


I was bullied at school for never going abroad on holiday, my clothes were 3 sizes too big so I’d ‘grow into them’…


My teachers said I would be a loser and my first ever girlfriend was DISGUSTED when I told her I would be a millionaire one day.


But I was convinced, I would not repeat the pattern of the people who I grew up around.


I WOULD make something of my life and create a positive impact on the lives of those closest to me - my family and my future family.

Fast forward TWO DECADES and not only did I make a MILLION online… I made many more.


Which brings me to today…


Nobody believed in me, BUT me.




I know if even with all the odds against me, I was able to make something of my life and achieve my goals, then I KNOW YOU CAN TOO!


Now, you could figure things out SLOWLY, like I did…


Trial and error.


Make mistakes.


Learn from them. 


Try again. 


Make more mistakes.


Learn from them.


Try again… And so on…


But this takes a lot of TIME and a lot of EFFORT and it takes a WILL OF STEAL… To never give up.


To Meet ROADBLOCK after ROADBLOCK and to just keep going!


There is a reason that 99% of people FAIL in business.


It’s because it’s TOUGH. 


And often, we try to go it alone, and to be frank… It’s a SLOW process, and can be a LONELY one.


And at the end, after all the HEART ACHE and effort.


You are NOT guaranteed ANY results!


Statistics suggest, YOU WILL FAIL!


But it does NOT have to be this way.


You don’t HAVE to do it alone.


You don’t have to do it with TRIAL and ERROR.


You can have somebody else who has walked the path before you, guide you and show you the way!


You NEED to find a mentor. And not just somebody WILLING to mentor you.


But somebody who has already DONE, what you are trying to do… Somebody with TRACK RECORD!


I have personally only ever MENTORED one person before… and to even MY astonishment, their results online EXPLODED!


Within just over 12 months they went from ZERO earnings online, to owning MULTIPLE 6-FIGURE ONLINE BUSINESSES!


Now, I don’t have time to do ANYMORE one on one mentoring… BUT…


If I can help you, I DO want to help you, but only IF, you are the right fit…

So, I have decided…


I am opening up an initial LIMITED AMOUNT of MASTERMIND slots whereby you can get the MENTORING from me, but with the benefit of a GROUP based MASTERMIND.


This is NOT for everybody.


In fact, I’m going to be EXTREMELY selective over the people I let in.


If you are NOT hard working.


If you are NOT dedicated to you and other people’s success.


If you do NOT truly want to HELP people get results.


Then this is NOT FOR YOU!

If you are MOTIVATED.


If you have proven you can stay COMMITTED and focused over the long term.


Then you MIGHT be a good fit for this mastermind…


But that is not all.


Here are the MINIMUM entry requirements:


  1. You MUST be an expert, coach, consultant, influencer, service provider or audience owner in a niche (can be ANY niche).


2. You MUST be making at least £1,000 per month PROFITS from your coaching, expert business or audience.


3. You MUST have a niche audience online of at LEAST 3,000 people (Facebook Group, Email list, YouTube channel etc)


4. You MUST be willing to invest TIME, MONEY and EFFORT into increasing your coaching or expert business… 


5. You MUST have some kind of VALUE to offer in relation to your expertise - something to TEACH, KNOWLEDGE to share, problems you are uniquely place to SOLVE.




“The Quantum Exponential Mastermind”


By Matt Webley

8-Figure Online Marketer


If upon application, you are accepted into the “Quantum Exponential Mastermind”


I will… 


  • Help you to PRODUCTIZE your knowledge by creating PREMIUM INFORMATION PRODUCTS, VIDEO COURSES or SERVICES that will enable you to SCALE your business to MULTIPLE 6-FIGURES, without scaling your time!

  • Help you to MARKET your online courses, products & services to create a STEADY STREAM of buyers, day in, day out, without having to CHASE people for money, or BEG anybody for anything - customers will come to YOU!

  • Help you learn how to SELL your products and services on AUTO-PILOT… Scarily effectively. I consistently see conversion rates of OVER 50% with warm traffic - when you learn how to SELL like I will show you, making money and SERVING your customers ‘en masse’ becomes EASY!

  • I will show you how to create MARKETING and SALES systems that work DAY and NIGHT to generate LEADS and turn them into CUSTOMERS without you doing ANY EXTRA WORK! (…front load the work, back load the profits)

  • …And much more!


Now, I cannot and WILL NOT promise you ANY money!


That would be IMMORAL and DISHONEST.


But I can tell you, if you are accepted into my mastermind, my plan is to help you achieve a 6-figure income within 12 months…


And a MULTIPLE 6-figure income within 24 months.


And if you are accepted and fit the criteria for people I believe I can help, then I am EXTREMELY CONFIDENT I will be able to deliver.


But only IF, you stay focused and actually IMPLEMENT what I ask you to do.


YOU need to take responsibility for you own successes or failures… BUT, with an experienced GUIDE, I can help show you the way to achieve your goals and dreams.


You will get some MINDSET coaching.


You will get some HARDCORE down and dirty STRATEGIES that nobody talks about but work like CRAZY!


And you will get somebody to be ACCOUNTABLE to. 


Somebody that will tell you when you need to push harder… and inversely somebody that will tell you when you need to ease off, relax and take it easy for a while.


I will show you the ROADMAP that I have created that I have NEVER SHARED with anybody before… But have followed myself with MASSIVE success.


I believe YOU can do it, but I believe if you want to do it FAST and with as little ‘pain’ along the way as possible…


You will need some help.


We MIGHT not be the right FIT for each other, and if I don’t think I can help you, I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU INTO THE MASTERMIND.


But if we ARE the right fit, expect the craziest, most productive 12 months of your life!


I want you to see MASSIVE RESULTS in your business… 


And if you are accepted I believe you will get MASSIVE results… 


I have already walked the path you want to take, and I can guide you by the hand every step of the way…


But ultimately the question is NOT about me, the question is…




Ready to CHANGE your life?


Ready to see QUANTUM increases in your business?


Ready to see the results you know you deserve, but are STILL waiting for?


With my help, how much EXTRA money do you think you could make from your EXPERT business?








The VALUE you will receive will be unlike ANYTHING you have ever come across before… You will not be ‘just another customer’…

You will become a part of the FAMILY.


BE WARNED: This is NOT cheap, and it is NOT for everybody… In fact, we will probably REJECT 80%+ of applications 


(…please do not be offended, we only want to work with people we KNOW we can help)!


So… What IS “The Quantum Exponential Mastermind”


This is a 12 month GROUP MASTERMIND program.


IF YOU ARE ACCEPTED… You will get:


  • A PRIVATE one-to-one initiation consultation with Matt Webley about YOUR business, your dreams, your goals and HOW you achieve them with our help.

  • 4 X LIVE (quarterly) in person Mastermind Meetings in the UK hosted by Matt Webley

  • Monthly 1 2 1 Coaching Calls

  • Monthly Mastermind Group Online Coaching Calls

  • 1 X Yearly Mastermind 3-Course Meal Event

  • Access to ANY and ALL new courses & training Matt releases and their updates FREE of charge (usually charge $3,000 per course)!

  • Private “Quantum Exponential Mastermind” Facebook Group


If you have to ask yourself, is this right for me? 




People who apply should already KNOW who Matt Webley is and already know how I can EXPLODE your business if you work with me…


To see if we’d be a good fit…



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