The Best Online Course Tools And Platforms For Experts, Influencers, Coaches, Consultants & Audience Owners... To Market & Monetize Their Knowledge With Information Products.

Best course platforms:


#1 Kajabi 

My favorite course platform not just a course host, full marketing suite included. Easy to use but powerful, highly recommended! For a free 28-day trial of Kajabi click here.

#2 Teachable

Great user experience for the student but lacks marketing functionality which makes it feel a little expensive for what you get.

#3 Udemy 

Has their own marketplace that will drive sales if you rank well and free to list and host your course. But prices are low and competition is high. The student is Udemy's not really yours so good for beginners but not ideal.

Best email follow up platforms:


#1 aWeber 

My favorite email follow up platform by far, it would take a lot for me to move away from aWeber. With all the functionality you could need aWeber is our go to, allowing for split testing is a huge plus. Not to mention the autoresponder, hundreds of free templates, signup forms, email analytics along with so many other features that for me make it a no brainer! For your free 30 day trial click here.

#2 MailChimp 

MailChimp is another great contender with good looking templates accompanied by a drag and drop builder! Within MailChimp you can have 100% separate lists meaning that if you are selling individual products and want to send specific emails to a select audience you can do that here! They have a wide range of features and a very user friendly interface, although to input their sign up forms on your own website you will need to know basic html.


#3 ConvertKit 

ConvertKit is a little different to the other two email follow up platforms, this is described as a subscriber centric whereby the software keeps all your subscribers and you never get the same person sign up twice all whilst it tracks them with tags and segments. This is great for someone who doesn't want multiple lists for completely different products, for example if you are a blogger only interacting with your audience about one umbrella topic this software would be totally sufficient for you however if you are a marketer with multiple different audiences and product offerings this will not be quite right for you! If ConvertKit sounds like it might be up your street click here.

Best webinar software:


#1 WebinarJam  

WebinarJam is hands down the best software for hosting your launch to your training calls to your interviews! For a $1 60 Day Trial click here.

#2 EverWebinar

EverWebinar goes hand in hand with WebinarJam and its worth its weight in gold. Here you can totally automate your sales process with having a scheduled recorded sale videos playing 365 days a year and with the Just In Time feature you won't miss out on any potential sales. For a $1 60 Day Trial click here.


#3 Demio 

Demio is another awesome piece of software that is 100% worth looking at. It has some awesome features and also allows for replays much like EverWebinar. Super user friendly and easy to use, although dependent on your attendee count it can get a little pricey! Want to give Demio a try? Click here.


#4 Zoom

Zoom being another contender is very popular with lots of great features this platform has to be taken into consideration. The sign up process can take a little perseverance, but with support on hand to walk you through the process this shouldn't be too difficult! Does it sound like Zoom is the one for you? Click here.